About TYT

About TYT

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we support and educate the youth of South Africa


A tomorrow that is filled with great leaders, astute and talented individuals

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Our story

The organization was founded early 2014 when a group of three youngsters visited township schools to help students prepare for their exams, by helping them through difficult Mathematical and Science problems and also giving them mentorship on the journey after Grade 12. Realizing the need in different townships we took upon us to never give up on our mission. We started by branding ourselves as ‘Black child it’s Possible’ and after realizing how broad the project was, we changed to ‘Township Youth Transformation’. We have now grown in numbers and decided to register ourselves as a non-profit organization.

MISSION: We motivate young people to stay in school, horn their talents/skills and give them tools to execute their goals. Townships are now flooded with youth that have lost all hope in life. Our youth needs people of their own kind, to guide them and share with them their experiences on how they managed to make it in life. We don’t want to forget our younger sisters and brothers, letting them get consumed by the corners of false dreams. We are cleaning up township streets by giving to the needy, letting our youth fall in love with education again and letting them shine bright in what good they do best. We believe our youth is the future. The youth is fearless, loaded with dreams and solutions to a better South Africa. We want to nurture them and save them from the wrath of poverty.


We are a non-profit organisation that is concerned about the upliftment of Township Youth and creating great leaders out of them. We provide free tutoring for 3 subjects mainly: Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Accounting. We go to schools in Johannesburg and Ermelo giving career advice and also help to bridge the gap between school and university. We understand the growing need for students to get help at the comfort of their home and we are creating an online platform to provide students with online tutoring for free. Our tutors (volunteers from universities) attend to these questions and provide feedback online. The tutors also form part of our Career Expo and Winter School teams. We encourage sports and recreation which has seen us form a partnership with Siyaphumelela School Choir Competitions. We also embrace youth entrepreneurship and we are willing to help aspiring youth entrepreneurs realize their dreams by sourcing advice and partnership through our network of business people and academics.